In-Store Branding & Social Media Activation

Brixton has been criticised over the years for becoming too gentrified and taking Brixton away from it's original & authentic culture through the arrival of coffee shops and other retailers. After consulting with Bagel World, we understood that the owner had previously been a resident on the original Brixton high street many years ago so we quickly saw this as the "Return of Brixton" where we would make their arrival known by focusing on Brixton as a community and so we birthed #ThisIsBrixton.

#ThisIsBrixton was a social media activation to launch Bagel World where to countdown the days to the anticipated opening of the store we revealed iconic Brixton attractions each day with an interesting fact that the "new" Brixton may not know or be aware of. As Brixton continues to evolve we wanted to communicate that evolving is not necessarily a bad thing but will be respected if we ensure that the original culture is not lost as the high street evolves.


The restaurant's aim is was to reflect the in store ambience of the big high street coffee shops such as PRET & Costa but to meet halfway with the authentic Brixton culture via their food and service. So we was also asked to create the branding of the store as well as all all promo materials. This included the stores Digital Menus, their paper menu, loyalty cards & discount offers.  

Leaflet pg 1.png
Leaflet pg 4.png

digital menu