Our founder has made a name for himself quickly becoming the sought after voice for the youth and was recently named as a “Cultural Insider”.  Introducing this through the agency, Kinde LDN contributes cultural and creative strategy across the entertainment industry & it’s current verticals such as sports, fashion & music keeping our mission at the core of all our projects. 



As one of our core entertainment verticals, music is at the heart of a lot of our projects so in our mission to impact society & culture we ensure that we're working using the power of music to do so. Through our passion for music we aim to work with artists who we believe align with some of our values in the hope to refine their brand as an artist. This means increasing the authenticity of their brand positioning & perception by working on strategic partnerships, social media strategies & effective promo for releases. 


As another one of our entertainment verticals, sport goes beyond what goes down on the field/ring/court, behind every athlete or sports enthusiast there is a personality which relies on effective branding in order to create impact on society & culture. We ensure that these brands build a great level of longevity that will help them to create a lasting and memorable impact on their brand and it's audiences.

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