We love video content at Kinde LDN!  Whether it is content that we record with our outsourced production teams or content ideas that we have developed for brands or broadcasters to create, we enjoy it! The digital revolution has made it easier for brands to communicate with their audience using technology as social media sites become more relevant to people and their everyday lives.


We create and develop video content such as promo videos, advertisements, documentaries, TV shows and other short-form and long-term content. We help brands create stories around their their brand's identity as well as creating our own stories around youth culture. 

Graphic Design

We also have an internal graphic design team that can cater to all your design needs and help create breath taking content whether that be designs for a new music project, event, or restaurant we can create sick content that reflects your brand.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss how we can, through content, position your brand for growth.