Innovate to Elevate: MoStack x Vapour Max, TRIM-IT, Nigerian Female Bobsled Team +

Innovate to Elevate! Our new blog segment focuses on those making changes to contribute to a better society whether it is a person, a brand or a collaboration we want to focus on those who are using their craft or ideas to empower a generation. So first let’s start with what it means to innovate; to innovate means to make changes in something that is already established which is done by introducing new methods, ideas or products. A lack of innovation is why some brands or companies fail and is the reason why some get left behind by their competitors.

Global Brands such as Apple have championed innovation which has allowed them to stay ahead of the game with other brands such as Samsung & Sony playing catch up. Any time apple introduces a new phone model to their range or new features they are taking on the act of innovation which allows them to compete whilst satisfying their consumers in a way that causes an increased interest in their product and then leads to a desire to purchase their products.

A company more close to home that we believe has innovated is the barbering brand; TRIM IT. TRIM IT is a barber app that started off as a community for Barbers and their consumers which allowed consumers to find their preferred barber and book an appointment with them. The service offered was an innovation for the world of barbering as it introduced a new way that would enhance the barbering experience for both the barber and their consumers. However, as of recent the app which was founded by Darren Tenkorang & others took innovation to another level by enhancing their current services and introducing the UK’s first mobile barbershop. Now isn’t that innovation at its finest!

When I saw what the guys at TRIM-IT were doing, I had no choice but to support the movement in as much ways as we could. The new service allows barbershop goers to book an appointment with the mobile barbershop and they’ll pull up wherever you want, whenever you want (as long as you live in London & book an appointment on their app). To launch their new services the guys dropped some slick visuals that communicated the journey of the development of the mobile barbershop soundtracked by Nipsey Hussle - Picture me Rolling. Before opening up shop to the public the barber shop has hosted well known influencers and celebrities such as Sneakbo & Terroll Lewis who took to social media to support the newest innovation to hit the streets. Well I’m due for a haircut with them soon so I'll be looking forward to see how that goes - I’m sure they’ll look after me. Check out the sick advertisement below:

Now the use of celebrities and influencers can enhance any launch of a new product, idea as good as it is. As much as a great innovation act can speak for itself sometimes a celebrity figure is needed to communicate such ideas to its audience. Nike recently partnered up with Mo Stack as well as other upcoming music artists to launch the Nike Vapour Max Plus. What is the Vapour Max Plus? Well Nike have created a hybrid of the forward-thinking innovation of the Vapour Max and the nostalgic Air Max Plus also know as the TN’s. Celebrating their 20th anniversary, the Air Max Plus has been a street phenomenon and found its home in the inner-city youth across the country. Described as an aggressive colour blocking, exoskeleton and chunky midsole trainer, Nike is always looking for new ways to innovate and has devised a method of reducing the pressure of the air units without compromising stability.

Launched on 25/01/2018 Nike linked up with Mo Stack to tell the story of a modern hybrid through its adopted home; the streets of London. Mo Stack being one of the favourites in the UK rap scene soon became the face of the campaign. Other artists who joined the campaign in their own versions include Octavian the French-born but London raised rapper who has seen international recognition, the lyric savage Young Tribez, 2 of Manchester’s most recognised artists; Sleazy F Baby & Just Banco as well as Coventry’s finest rapper; Mugun. As you can imagine Nike has to constantly stay innovative in order to stay in the game and have their trainers catch the interest of consumers so introducing new styles or new collaborations is something they have to do to be innovative.

Innovation is about breaking barriers and doing things thats never been done before, it’s also about never limiting yourself or your ideas by the fear of the unknown. A group of people who I feel have been innovative in their own way are the Nigerian women’s Bobsled team who will become the first African team to ever compete in the sport and will be the first African team competing at the Winter Olympics. Starring in a new Beats Above the Noise campaign with a G-Eazy soundtrack the trio set to inspire those looking to break barriers and create legacies. Adugin, 31, Onwumere, 26 and Omeoga, 25 were all previously track athletes and have now joined forces to create history.

Having innovation at the forefront of your business is something all brands must do in order to stay relevant or in order to stay competitive. The guys at TRIM-IT expressed “The most dangerous thing is not to evolve, Innovation is at the heart of our company” and this doesn’t just include small or upcoming businesses but the big boys as well. Apple also have to work with the same mentality in order to stay ahead & stay relevant otherwise they’ll be giving the opposition the chance to catch up. We have seen great acts of innovation with the way TRIM-IT has evolved in the services they offer as well as the way Nike is attempting to stay relevant. The women’s Nigerian Bobsled team consisted of all former track athletes but from scratch they all found a new way to achieve with the bobsled team. I believe innovation can be found in all shapes and sizes so to become great at what you do whether you’re a brand, a business or an individual; innovation is the key!

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