In My Zone: The Syndicate Spotify Chart

In My Zone is a new music initiative set up by Kinde LDN to further push our entertainment content strategy by producing a range of music related content & to set it off we’re producing our own Spotify Syndicate chart.

“Now, what does syndicate mean?”

~ a group of individuals combined to promote a common interest

Well we’re bringing together 3 professional music lovers to produce 4 songs each on a bi-weekly basis to contribute to our Top 12 Spotify Chart. The selected songs will represent a diverse array of UK music each being rated on a IMZ Scale, from Drill music to R'nB and from the unknown to the established; all will be judged fairly.

Taking all aspects of music from how transparent they were to how creative they were, each syndicate member will use this scale to produce their Top 4 songs. In My Zone provides the opportunity to our music lovers to explore the songs they are currently feeling and assess what it took for the artist to get in their zone and create that particular song. Every song that reaches the chart is probably a great song but where they come in the chart lies in the hands of our professional music lovers.

Here are our 3 music professionals to kick off the Syndicate:

Michael Makinde

Michael is the founder of entertainment marketing agency, Kinde LDN which was set up due to his love for music and his mission to impact culture more effectively. At a time where the UK urban music scene was once frowned upon, no great UK song went past Michael but as we’re currently in an era where the scene is thriving more than ever but saturated there is no better time to celebrate good music, with a particular focus on UK street rap.

Annelle Simpson

With a passion for all things UK urban, Annelle is a part time music blogger & full time music lover looking to change the narrative of women in music. Not shy in expressing her views, her vast knowledge in music has been magnified in her more recent collaboration with one of the UK’s biggest urban music platforms, Mixtape Madness.

Maria Ibitoye

Maria is an avid lover of music, recently producing her own show on Youtube Ria et al. which is a platform that showcases amazing underrated talent and engaging in chit chats with various music lovers. An individual that always expresses her love for music there is no one better to be a syndicate member.

Check out this week's chart:

Keep an eye on our socials for our bi-weekly selections and for more information regarding In My Zone. Let the games begin!

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