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Last week was a week for celebrations in the creative industries. The MOBO Awards was held last week Wednesday in Leeds, the Grammy nominations were announced and last but not least the annual European Festival of Creativity; eurobest was held here in London.

Having previously been hosted in cities such as Stockholm, Amsterdam & Lisbon, eurobest finally reached the capital to find its home in the basement of the historic Victoria House. Eurobest is hosted by Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and aims to honour creativity in sections such as PR, Film, Media, Design, Branded Content, Entertainment & more through an award ceremony. To compliment the awards eurobest organises a festival which consists of seminars, workshops & events.

The eurobest festival aims to engage the European creative community on the industry’s most pertinent issues and this year we saw many brands, people, and organisations come together to network and discuss topical issues. Brands that were present included Instagram, Facebook, Shell, Channel 4, Comedy Central, KFC & EE. The festival was made up of a number of attractions which consisted of a showcase stage, a silent stage (which was very cool as the crowd would listen to the talk using headphones) and an interactive corner which was a bit more intimate and insightful.

The Silent stage hosted Dumi from Disturbing London where he discussed favouring the cultural suppliers over agency and Walnut Unlimited who examined how through the use of food we could reach our markets more effectively. On the showcase stage we saw Robert O’Neill; senior vice president of Comedy Central talk on comedy in the age of rage, Heineken; we got a look into some of their latest campaigns in various markets. We were also graced with Leila Fataar teaching us how to be culturally relevant and on the final day the eurobest power hour saw the likes of Shannie Mears & Will De Groot of the Elephant Room talk on what being more diverse and inclusive looks like in 2018. For a more intimate discussion the interactive corner saw Livity who were the official youth partners at this year’s eurobest host a session with the cultural insiders.

The ‘Cultural Insiders’ were invited by Livity to represent culture and give their take on how brands could operate in a more culturally focused manner. Cultural Insiders included professionals such as Kojo Marfo, Frances Acquaah, Michael Makinde & Glodie Ifura.

The 2017 eurobest was a very insightful, exciting and memorable festival and we look forward to the many years to come. The highlight of this year’s eurobest may have just been Shell who hosted the Silent stage on the final day of the festival. Shell showcased their latest innovations and community projects which gave those watching an heart-warming insight into the good work that shell has done over the years. This includes sourcing energy for football pitches in Brazil & Nigeria and many more great things. Their latest campaign saw them support 5 bright energy saving ideas by using 5 artists which included Jenifer Hudson, Pixie Lott, Yemi Alade and a few others. It was hands down one of the best campaigns we saw at eurobest.

We hope that by the next time eurobest comes to europe we’ll probably be experiencing a more diverse and inclusive industry.

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