“I had a dream. that I made it, never have to worry about my crib getting raided”. Now, it’s a very rare but treasured occasion when Nines drops a single, mixtape, video or an album however when he does it always takes me back to a song on his debut mixtape called ‘Dreaming’ ft B Anca. In this song Nines foresees how he wants his future to pan out from going home to a mansion to flying to Spain on a private plane.

He fantasises about living a Hollywood lifestyle but still repping his hometown, Church Road. He explains a step by step visual transition to how this would work, "from stepping on pure coke to stepping on Persian rugs" and "from drinking diluted drinks to Ace of Spades". I believe Nines has come a long way since then and he himself knows how great he can be in the music scene but chooses to give us small doses around once a year of what he is capable of. Last year one of his biggest achievements to date saw him sign to XL Recordings & simultaneously drop his debut album One Foot Out.

The time of the year for him to pop up with new content has arrived but this time he really gave us a taste of his Hollywood dream. Nines premiered “Crop Circle” the film he dropped which also turned out to be an announcement for his album release date this Friday. Nines lived the full Hollywood experience on Tuesday night at his own red carpet event in a Nines branded theatre. With his Church Road family by his side and his mother too Nines lived up to his legendary status on the night.

Nines outside his "Crop Circle" premiere location

With his new album “Crop Circle” dropping on the infamous 420 Day, the intertwining theme is a strategic move by the North West rapper. Nines’ talent never fails to show through as in the film that he directed and wrote he also starred as one of the main characters alongside familiar faces & personalities such as Face In The News, Rufaro aka Jimmy, Posty, Ghetts, J Hus, YomsTV, Vee Brown & more. There is no doubt we need more artists like Nines taking the initiative to create their own films & other supportive content. However we do feel that he should bring out more music but hey who’s complaining!

"Crop Circle" A Film by Nines

One of the reasons we always look forward to a Nines project release is due to his unique preference in track list. Without forgetting to feature his closest friends Nines stays loyal to the soil whilst still being able to be a cut above the rest. As you’ve probably heard us state in the past; we’re behind the return of UK RnB music & unlike other rappers Nines has never failed to be a force to be reckoned with in this nature. The track list features singers Ray BLK, Tiggs Da Author & Haile as well as rappers such SL, Yung Fume, Skrapz, Trapstar Toxic, J Styles & more. We’re looking forward to witnessing “Crop Circle” do numbers and break barriers so be sure to jump on the wave and grab a copy. "Crop Circle is out at midnight on all major platforms.

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