#MalariaMustDie: Speak Up like Beckham!

If you’ve read our previous blog post “Cannes Lions: Greater Visions, Greater Purpose” from last year then you will know that we was invited to the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity in Cannes, France for a talk in what ended up being an inspiring trip. We was invited to give a talk on how we can affect positive change in the world through creativity & networks where one of the parties we was providing the talk to was a charity named “Malaria No More”. After the talk we got into conversation with them, educating ourselves more on the effects of Malaria on a worldwide scale & especially originating from a country where Malaria is very prominent, I was interested in learning more. I quickly understood how vital a charity such as theirs was in ending one of the world’s oldest & deadliest diseases.

Soon after arriving back in London we linked up with Malaria No More’s wider team to discuss how we can support Malaria No More & the work they do. Prior to meeting them, they had just launched #MalariaMustDie, a campaign that calls upon worldwide leaders in the aim to prioritise the fight against Malaria which was supported by David Beckham, James Corden, Yemi Alade, David Haye & more. Fast-forward a year later and they are launching their second phase of the campaign which actively calls on the public to join a voice petition to end Malaria by getting the attention of world leaders just in time for World Malaria Day on the 25th.

Launched by David Beckham, an official supporter of over a decade; is a film that uses the latest Al technology to reveal David Beckham speaking in 9 languages calling on people to join the voice petition & end Malaria. Produced by Ridley Scott Associates & directed by Juriaan Booij the film uses emerging Al Video Synthesis to allow Beckham to speak in nine different languages on behalf of Malaria survivors & doctors around the world. Languages included are of areas known to Malaria such as Yoruba, French, Mandarin & Spanish. With a very slick approach, David’s mouth is in sync to those 9 different voices speaking in 9 different languages. As well as boasting cutting edge technology the advert was produced to inspire change ahead of critical global fund decisions to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis & Malaria in 6 months time.

Source: Youtube The Official David Beckham #MalariaMustDie film

With Nigeria being the most prominent country affected by Malaria with a heavy toll of close to 300 lives lost a day it was only right their most popular language was featured in the film. Translating “Your voice can help Malaria” to Yoruba was the voice of a NHS UK Doctor going by the name of Dr Elvis Eze who after previously working in a Lagos hospital, realised that they had a crazy toll which sparked something inside of him that would commence his mission to raise awareness using his experiences.

Source: Malaria No More | David Beckham & Dr Elvis Eze Behind The Scenes

Through a combination of new tools, increased investment & strengthened international political commitment including from the UK, has lead to deaths caused by Malaria cut by more than 60%, saving almost 7 million lives. Now it’s about time you did the talking! If you want to get involved in the coolest petition to date and not just that but you want to support a movement that will potentially save lives then click the link below, clear your throat and repeat these words after me MALARIA…MUST….DIE!


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