No Guts! No Glory! (Part 2): The Year of The Hustlers

Over a week into the new year and we can feel energies on a high already. The urge for success and great achievements lurk in the atmosphere in what seems like a year for miracles & victory to take place. In our last post we was still in 2017 and we touched on what a year we had throughout the entertainment industries, from the awards to the releases. 2017 was the year for laying foundations and learning lessons but this year has to be one where we’re executing and exceeding set goals.

It’s only right that as we enter a new year we stay on the look out for those on the come up, because as we’ve probably witnessed from recent events success can come from anything and at anytime. In this post we’re going to look at who we should be keeping our eyes peeled on this year from your favourite music artists to your local businesses. We’ll give you around 7 artists or more you should be looking out for throughout the year.


First up we have IAMDDB. IAMDDB is a Manchester born 21 year old who is not new to music but is probably quite an unfamiliar face to most of us. Surfacing the internet last year with her renown song titled Shade she discovered a new sound that was to have a lot of us tripping over the Hood Rich star. Born into a family of music, IAMDDB has developed a real passion for her God-given craft and uses it to communicate messages in order to empower women. We’ve had our eye on her for quite some time and have witnessed her shut down many shows including for our friends over at SoleDXB. She was invited out to Dubai to perform at the regions biggest street festival alongside stars such as Goldlink & legends such as Pusha T. We have high hopes for IAMDDB this year, where we can foresee some interesting features and possibly some good brand collaborations.


Similar in terms of their content but different in style another UK singer who has been on the scene for quite sometime is RayBLK. Known for her songs such as 50/50, My Hood and Chill Out, Ray BLK is definitely talent that we shouldn’t be sleeping on. Before her MOBO performance I believe we all forgot how great she is but there’s this feeling that this year something big is going to happen for the South London singer. As much as we don’t really show love to singers in the UK, the love is well deserved and I believe we need to appreciate her and the genre more.


The R&B scene here in the UK is one that we should be beginning seeing grow more & more throughout the year, becoming stronger than it's ever been. Another artist that we have been keeping an eye on is B Young. With songs such as Jumanji & Wavey reaching over a million views on Youtube we can’t ignore his wavey style and ability to deliver a banger. I’m thinking hits & I’m also thinking big features but let’s see what kind of year he will have. He has already kicked it off by featuring on The Nathan Hector Show line up so we’ll see what’s going on with him sooner or later. On that note make sure you follow Nathan Hector for more info regarding his show! It's due to be a shutdown!


The recently established drill scene is currently on a rise with artists such as AM x Skengdo pushing the scene to unprecedented levels. After a year of constant bangers and their 2 Bunny mixtape launch which was supported by Red Bull Studios; the pair are set to change the drill game completely. We see the pair taking drill music to places beyond the typical drill environment so let’s see what’s to come of them in 2018. We’re not sure if the two are an official duo but we've especially got our eyes set on A.M who occasionally takes us to a French lesson where he spits a fraction of his lyrics in the language. Talk about diverse! Let's see where the duo can take us to this year.

Now remember that song that goes…”Trap trap in the bando, I don’t wanna look like you..” that had us going mad in the dances throughout 2014/2015 - well that song was made by a guy name Grizzy who is also from Brixton. Grizzy has been spending the last couple of years away however he is now set to be back on the scene at some point this year so hopefully this mean new music from him right? He was one to watch then, and believe he’ll be one to watch now as soon as he returns - I’m sure he’ll be back to grabbing us with his catchy choruses and his unique flow.


Another rapper who has a unique flow, style and delivery is Camden’s hottest right now; Ambush. After his recent headline show he has a lot to look forward to this coming year. After his release from jail at the end of 2016, Ambush has released a number of songs on YouTube with a few grabbing the attention of the people as fans warmed to his interesting persona. To name a few of his songs that has done well this year, there was Already, Extra, Blood and his Link Up TV Behind Bars and we can’t wait to see what else he has in the bag this year.

Rappers such as Ambush have been around for some time but for one reason or another have left the scene and has resulted in us briefly forgetting about them or as one would say ‘sleeping on them’. Similar to Ambush’s situation rappers such as Lil Torment and Bellzey haven’t been producing as much content as they have in the past and one would question their ability to make consistent music, however both rappers who are talented are destined for a great 2018. We believe they're taking a leap of faith to take their music to the next level. In addition, to this just to throw it out there Sneakbo is returning with a highly anticipated project titled Brixton where he has in run up to it’s launch, dropped a song with Not3s titled Nah which within the space of a month has seen over a million views on its Youtube video. We’re also keeping an eye on the London Fields rapper Asco, as he continues to carry us away with his laid back flow and chilled out vibe. Asco has featured on songs with Ktrap and Kojo Funds over the last year but with 2018 well underway we’re expecting to see much more. We can definitely tell you that he’s got a song coming with Fredo very soon as they have recently been in Dubai shooting the visuals for the incoming track so that's something to look forward to.


Last but not least we have a close eye on the 15 year old from Croydon; SL also known as Slimz. SL caught the attention of viewers last year when he dropped Gentleman in March and has currently gained over 13 million views on YouTube for that song. When hearing Gentleman when it dropped last year we knew there was more to him than just a regular drill artist. Whilst rapping we heard more than a kid from the endz rapping about getting down a rival or selling drugs, we heard a kid with a story to tell in a very unique way. We were taken away by his creativity in his music as well as his ability to entertain. Since then he has dropped songs such as Them Boyz which has also reached over a million views on YT, as well as on Christmas day where he dropped Tropical. SL dropped Tropical on one of the most festive days of the year with a very clean sound to go with very clean visuals. The location seemed like a winter hideout destination in a James Bond movie which produced very crisp visuals although the title & lyrics contrasted the visuals. However I believe this allowed the song to be even more effective which shows the level of creativity in his craft. With over a million views in the space of a week SL is set to have a good year so it will be good to see how far he can go to achieve this year.

There is no doubt that the artists that gained many levels of success last year will continue to in 2018. Such artists include the likes of Fredo, Not3s, Hardy Caprio, Yxng Bane, K Trap, Kojo Funds, J Hus, Mabel, Dave, Stefflon Don, Giggs and many more so it goes without saying that we’re looking forward to a great year filled with exclusive content that will probably go down in history.

It’s not long now till the launch of Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther film and it’s guaranteed to be one of the biggest highlights within entertainment this year, especially as the first mainstream black superhero movie. We’re sure that Daniel Kaluuya & Letitia Wright will be representing us well in the film so make sure you stay tuned for our featured post + more on the film. Staying on the topic of superheroes a new novel series ’Squad Gigantic’ will be taking UK’s street culture right to the mainstream with a majority of black characters starring in a unique suspenseful storyline. To find out more about the storyline and its purpose in lead up to it's launch follow @bigj_uk on IG. Another more recent spot is the modern adaption of Shakespeares' tragedy; Macbeth which definitely seems like it will be a raw and gritty adaption. It’s looking like one to look out for this year with the lead actor residing from Hackney we're sure it will be a great representation for current issue in todays society. Follow @ScreenNorthants + @GBShaq on Twitter and @sb_grant on IG to find out more information on how the outcome of the production.

We’ve got many more things for you to watch out for in 2018 including events, brand collaborations & more so we're not going to give it to you all at once, we’ll give them to you in doses throughout the year so make sure you’re popping by every week to see what’s new.

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