Who Rates You Though? #RatedAwards17

Who Rates You though? Our Predictions for the Rated Awards 2017

It’s that time of the year again! The time when we decide who’s been putting in the most work over the past year. With a large number of milestones within the UK Urban Scene this year GRM Daily & KA bring us a special moment to celebrate this with The Rated Awards 2017. With Nines getting signed to XL to Stormzy dropping his debut album GSAP to the latest online sensation that has the world going mad Man’s Not Hot by Michael Dappah, it will surely be hard for followers to choose their best option in each category.

A day before the main event we are going to give our predictions on who we think is going to be the people’s choice to grab an award in each category as well as our personal choice. Below will also explain why we have chose these in detail. Please click on category head to view full list of nominees:

Best Track

Prediction: Drake ft. Giggs - KMT

Kinde LDN’s choice: SL - Gentleman / J Hus - Did You See

Producer of The Year

Prediction: Jae5

Kinde LDN’s choice: Jae5

Best Video

Prediction: Stormzy - Big For Your Boots

Kinde LDN’s choice: Stormzy - Big For Your Boots / Skrapz - Not Like Me

Best Video Director

Prediction: Daps

Kinde LDN’s choice: Daps

Best DJ

Prediction: Kenny Allstar

Kinde LDN’s choice: Kenny Allstar

Best Mixtape

Prediction: Fredo - Get Rich or Get Recalled

Kinde LDN’s choice: Fredo - Get Rich or Get Recalled

Best Album

Prediction: Stormzy - GSAP

Kinde LDN’s choice: J Hus - Common Sense / Stormzy - GSAP

Personality of The Year

Prediction: Michael Dappah

Kinde LDN’s choice: Michael Dappah

Best Breakthrough Act

Prediction: Yxng Bane

Kinde LDN’s choice: Yxng Bane / Hardy Caprio

Artist of The Year

Prediction: Stormzy

Kinde LDN’s choice: Stormzy / J Hus / Giggs

Let’s start with the best track of the year, when looking at how this category should be judged it’s only right that we look at which song teared down the clubs, which feature was authentic, which song was hot on the streets or which song had the biggest impact worldwide. Or do we look at how the song made us feel or maybe which song did we witness break into audiences beyond the typical UK Urban music scene. Have a look at the nominees for this category here.

It’s fair to say every track on the list did their thing. Dave’s Wanna Know had Drake dying to feature on it whilst Giggs also featured on Drake’s More Life with KMT which we feel had a worldwide impact as it teared down every motive but does America’s criticism on the SN1 rapper take anything away from it’s success? SL from Croydon dropped Gentleman for the streets to take in as the 15 year old’s catchy flow gained him 11 million + views on Youtube but was it enough for him to take it home. It’s also fair to say Not3s has had a sick year, dropping two big solo songs which both did very well on many platforms. We can also argue that the Custom House stars Kojo Funds & Yxng Bane deserve to take it home as Kojo dropped Dun Talkin which had Cardi B gassed and Nigerian star Davido incorporating lyrics into his song. Or was Yxng Bane’s feature on Yungens Bestie more than just a mainstream radio hit. However before dropping his debut album GSAP Stormzy gave us Big For Your Boots which also featured on the album and was one of the many milestones hit by Stormzy this year. The writer of Eastenders and the makers of hit police show Police Interceptors were definately influenced by this song. Finally J Hus dropped Did You See which did a lot on the scene with lyrics hard to resist singing along to.

Taking all factors into consideration despite criticism from the American listeners we predict Giggs might just take it home with KMT as it probably put most of us in gas mode as soon we hear it on however our personal choice would give this category to SL with Gentleman or J Hus with Did You See. SL because he is young and talented and this will probably motivate him to take his music career further and J Hus because he always brings 100% with his unique style and good vibes.

When we talk of what were the best tracks of the year we shouldn’t forget about the people that make the song what it is. This goes onto our next category which is for producers who we believe are a vital part of the creation process of a hit song. Find the full list here. Nominees include J Hus producer Jae5 who is the man behind a lot of J Hus’ biggest songs or Steel Banglez who is behind many hits from the likes of Mist & Mostack. Having a look at the list do you think there are some missing such as N2thea ? Anyway with the list given we predict Jae5 for the pure fact that he’s been behind one of UK’s biggest stars at the moment. This is also our personal choice.

The next category is the Best Video category which is where our expertise lie. We believe every good song needs a good video to accompany it. In looking at the best video we would put forward many factors beyond just how the video looks. Such factors include whether the video fits well within the theme of the song or does the personality of the artist align with the video. We also look at factors such as the cinematography, the authenticity of what is happening within the content, is the story behind the video good and is the video unique? Check out the list of video nominees here. We’ve recently just seen Dizzee Rascals latest video release Bop N Keep It Dippin which we think is sick as it tells a sick story in a very creative way however it came out too late to even be a contender.

In light of that we love Skrapz’ Not Like Me video as we think he went above and beyond with the visuals. Skrapz is not one to fail with visuals as his style has to be very fresh and slick but we think he outdone himself with this one as he brought the hood to a slick mansion in the middle of nowhere. He went as far as getting Dominoes pizzas delivered in an helicopter so he and he’s friends can eat and share around a table. The video creates a sort of hybrid between the hood and the elegant high class lifestyle and we think it worked. Big For Your Boots came as a package as it also appears on the best track category so being nominated for both definitely suggests that it was made to perfection. Stormzy with the help of Video Director Daps smashed the visuals as it starred a lot of the females that are bossing it in this industry at the moment where he is clearly making a statement. Besides riding through the city of London and spazzin in a chicken shop with girlfriend Maya Jama there was a deeper meaning held within the video which we believe qualifies Stormzy in being a popular contender for this category. But did Mist really go to the slopes to shoot his video, well yes he did and he also brought out the dogs to create an adventurous video so it looked nice but was there any creativity in the concept of the video?

We predict Stormzy may just take it home with his Big For your Boots video which is also our personal choice but ties in with Skrapz’ Not Like Me which we think showed a sort of gritty elegance which we like.

With that being said the next category awards those who make artists video what it is; Best Video Director. Contenders include Daps, Kaylum Dennis, Mayowa HD and many more. With this category we will base it not just on how many times we have seen a directors name pop up on a video but rather take the quality over quantity concept on this. Kaylum Dennis has been doing his thing but has he done anything different to what he’s previously been doing in other years? Daps, well the man behind Big For Your Boots and a lot of the Migos tracks. It goes without saying that he deserves the win this category. Without taking away credit from anyone else we would also put him in our personal choice.

What DJ’s have been putting people on this year is the question when looking at the next category. Check out the full list of nominees for the Best DJ here. We have the likes of Tim Westwood, Charlie Sloth and Kenny Allstar featuring in the list. Charlie Sloth has no doubt been inviting artists to the booth taking them to the next level of their career and likewise with Tim Westwood to his crib but Kenny Allstar we believe has been making the biggest impact. Through his Mad About Bars and Kenny Allstar’s block parties we can see evidently that Kenny has been doing it for the culture, consistently showing his love for the scene in many ways. Our predictions no doubt go to Kenny Allstar to take this category by storm as well as being our personal choice.

The next category is the Best Mixtape. When we look at mixtape projects we have to judge it based on how effective each song is on a project. Check out the full list of the Best Mixtapes here. Mixtapes range from EP’s from Dave & AJ Tracey to mixtapes from Fredo and K Trap. Without taking away anything from the artists we would have to rule out EP’s as more time once EP’s are released we would have heard more than half the songs which is not a lot so our selection to judge it as a project would not be enough. This leaves us with mixtapes from Suspect Loading which had some decent tracks or K Trap’s The Last Whip which was decent for the stage he is at but he still has a lot more to do in terms of creating a credible project. Fredo dropped Get Rich or Get Recalled whilst he was in prison but that didn’t stop his mixtape from doing great. In that being said our predictions would probably go to Fredo Get Rich or Get Recalled which would also be our personal choice. However we are less sure about this prediction as it is a hard one to judge.

The next step for some of these guys may be to drop an album but they must work hard to get there. This leads us onto out next category which is Best Album. We loved the Fekky El Classico however it goes without saying that the top 3 would be J Hus with Common Sense, Nines with One Foot Out and Stormzy with GSAP. All 3 albums have a story of its own; with Nines just signing to XL, his album release was a moment that would go down in history which would be a perfect success story coming from his first mixtape Church Road to Hollywood. Stormzy drops GSAP right after returning from his lengthy time away and J Hus drops Common Sense in the midst of a large number of great songs leaving fans itching for it’s release. Our predictions for this category goes to Stormzy with GSAP as the quality of songs to the story behind each song as well as the insight we gain left listeners feeling holy and hungry for success. Our personal choice would however go to Common Sense by J Hus which may also be in close run with actually taking the award from GSAP but we’ll see what goes down tomorrow night.

Who was the best personality this year? Nominees range from Michael Dappah to Julie Adenuga to Anthony Joshua. Firstly I wouldn’t give it to AJ or Arsenal Fan TV due to the fact that they should have a separate category preferably ‘Sports Personality’ as the rest of the nominees are within the entertainment industry. Our predictions would suggest that Michael Dappah would receive this award without wasting too much time. This would also be our personal choice based on his work rate over the past year but sudden rise to fame. Michael Dappah has been up and down the world within a short space of time travelling courtesy of his Man’s Not Hot single which has been tearing down the clubs and has seen him reach the iconic BET Awards Cypher to Shaquille O'neil sending for him on a track of his own. Despite the Chicken Connoisseur earning his own show on Channel 4 and Daniel Kaluuya taking on the main role in one of the biggest films this year Get Out; we think that what Michael Dappah has over these guys is probably a personable connection with the audience.

When we talk of breakthrough act, we talk of those that have made a significant impact in their industry and those that have made the biggest improvements in their trade as well as those that have been consistent with their work rate. In that case here is the list of nominees for the Breakthrough Act. We would shortlist the list to Yxng Bane, Stefflon Don, Not3s and Hardy Caprio. We would have said Harlem Spartans however most of the artists are in prison which will obviously stunt their growth sooner or later or Fredo however we still think he’s yet to reach his breakthrough point but he is consistently growing. Yxng Bane has used his unique style to tap into various audiences and has made quite a few breakthrough songs coming from the days of Lone Wolf and Doubted Me. Stefflon Don has made significant moments over the past year from signing to her record label then signing her record label to Universal Music which was very strategic to collaborating with Bad Boy’s French Montana. Both Not3s and Hardy Caprio have been consistent with quality music over the year which have been quick to see a million views on Youtube and access new audiences. Based on the level that has been reached we would predict Yxng Bane to take the breakthrough home however a small part of us thinks Not3s might be a contender. Yxng Bane would also be our personal choice but tied in with Hardy Caprio as we think he’s a quality artist that has done loads with so much yet to come.

Finally the moment that would seal the night. This category shows us who has been putting in the most work throughout the year in every aspect. Taking into account consistency, what strategic moves have been made, quality releases (audio & visual), who has been the most effective in and out of music and who has produced the most effective projects. Also who has attracted attention in different industries whether it be politics or sports and who has attracted worldwide attention. This is probably the hardest category as this year has been a very interesting one and a lot has has gone down. How can we surely judge this category. The following are the nominees in the Artist of The Year category:


J Hus


Kojo Funds








I don’t think we need to go into detail about what has happened this year as there is so much but we will give a light prediction on who we think would take this home. We think Stormzy may just take it home which would also be our personal choice alongside Giggs & J Hus. These 3 deserve it most as they have all done some vital things that would take our culture to a whole new level or have gave hope to others following behind. Stormzy has collaborated with many brands over the last year some which are quite unexplainable as well as his collaboration with Man United which happens to be his childhood football team. J Hus, well he has been creating hit after hit making him an icon for the industry appearing on the front cover of magazines such as Shortlist and Giggs, well he’s just who we would call our president. In fact let’s just give the award to all 3 of them and call it a night.

As we draw nearer to the end of the year we’re hoping to witness a lot of great things happening from more artists getting signed to new kids on the block and many more unexpected collaborations. Enjoy!!

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