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More Than A Viral Moment: No Signal + Football Moments + The Last Dance & More

Updated: May 21, 2020

Whasssup? I hope everyone is staying safe during these current times? I’m going to make an effort to avoid using words such as C*****-19 and C********** for the purpose of this post which I’m sure you can figure out the spelling of. There is no doubt that we’re in some unprecedented times which has had an effect on the world physically, mentally and economically. We’re in a time where we get to see how good our leaders really are....or bad. A time where we’ll see how our favourite brands are responding and most importantly how we’ll come together to combat the v***s or should I say, together at a distance - 2m to be precise.

I started this post with an iconic greeting taken from Budweisers infamous advert from 1999…..Whasssup!! I was young at the time it launched but I’m sure it was one of those adverts that created a moment that would put its stamp on culture for a lifetime. I vividly remember sitting in class and the ‘mandem’ would disrupt the lesson with an outburst of “Whasssup”. Fast forward to over two decades later and the advert has become even more meaningful than when it was first launched. Launching on the 23rd April 2020, Budweiser reinvented the advert as a response to the current p******c with a Quarantine themed version of the original advert. Now, a YouGov research suggests that 1 in 5 Britons are living alone during lockdown so Budweiser responded by re-recording the audio for the advert and replacing “watching the game, having a bud” with “in quarantine, having a bud” - how cool! The main aim behind the remake is to encourage people to stay connected and check in on their friends with the adverts copy stating “Bud Supports Buds. Check on Yours.” using #TogetherAtADistance as a hashtag to promote.

Source: Budweiser UK Youtube Channel

I’m sure that the last thing we thought would bring us even closer together in a lockdown would be a war; a war between our favourite musicians. Maybe a war is a bit too strong but they clashed like their reputations depended on it. Usually in a clash it's about us & them but when we saw Lil Jon take on T-Pain and Babyface take on Teddy Riley on Instagram Live, we witnessed a community of music lovers come together to share what would be a special moment. Brothers; David & Jojo took the clashes to a whole new level when they introduced a new grassroots radio platform going by the name “No Signal” and dedicated to black entertainment.

No Signal would host clashes that the culture didn’t know they needed; inviting audiences to take their votes via Twitter Polls. We saw Wiz Kid go toe to toe with the Gaza boss; Vybz Kartel, our very own WSTRN vs. N Dubz and Lil Wayne vs. Rick Ross, to name a few. Powered by Recess, a party brand run by the brothers the show has gained support from Spotify UK as the numbers did all the talking, with 670k people pressing play on the No Signal website across 99 countries at the Wiz vs. Vybz clash. Impressive right? Throughout the clashes, No Signals programming consistently trended on Twitter up until the season finale where we saw Drake take on Rihanna in what was a very tight clash. However, the online sensation from No Signal didn't stop there. No Signal announced that programming would continue beyond the clashes with a number of exciting new shows scheduled daily; something the culture has been longing for since the demise of digital radio station Radar Radio 2 years ago. The new programming kicked off with a celebrity clash between Ian Wright & Julie Adenuga. The Arsenal & England football legend took on the now former Beats Radio presenter in a 80’s vs 90s music clash respectively.

Source: theresnosignal.com

With the loss of the current football season due to the current p******c , football fans, players and pundits including Ian Wright have been left without the game & all the VAR politics that come with it. In fact VAR may have not been such a bad idea when all the madnesses went down back in those days but who better than the Tedeku brothers to recapture those moments into content suitable for a lockdown. Creative Duo, Benjamin & Emmanuel Teduku recently launched Tedeku Hub to house a string of organic content and without the weekly football entertainment, what a time it is to be in your full creative bag. The Tedeku brothers with the help of other siblings and close friends, recaptured iconic football moments in their back garden using just a trampoline as a goal net and the relevant audio synced with the reenactments. The homemade content quickly turned from “when boredom meets a lil creativity” to a series of football moments from the Premier League, Champions League & World Cup. The British-Ghanaian brothers creatively and passionately recreated moments that we’ll never forget such as Zidane’s infamous head-but on Materazzi at World Cup 2006, Ghana’s; Asamoah Gyan’s penalty miss against Uruguay in 2010 or Maradona's hand goal against England in 1986. All seasoned with a little extra comedy and minimal exaggeration but reliving those moments for those left without. Football legends including Van Persie, Gary Lineker and Asamoah Gyan himself responded on social media by expressing their gratitude towards the moments that will last a lifetime.

Source: @TedekuHub Instagram Channel

I’m sure with most of our outdoor entertainment being put on pause including the closure of cinemas, many of us have been glued to our screens binging series we never made time for before lockdown. At the heart of this would be Netflix, where their subscription rate has doubled expectations in Q1 to around 15.8 million new subscribers due to the lockdown measures occurring globally.

Whilst practically being on house arrest, I’ve managed to binge watch Netflix originals such as Narcos Mexico, Money Heist and Ozark - crazy right! I can’t say that I haven’t enjoyed any of them but a series that hasn’t been so easy to binge is Netflix’s “The Last Dance”. The Last Dance is a docu-series centred around Michael Jordan with some focus on other Chicago Bulls teammates such as Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman & Steve Kerr. With episodes being released weekly; making it hard to binge, we get insight into Michael Jordan’s life and the legendary moments he created as a basketball player. For many of us we were either very young or hadn’t yet arrived on earth when MJ became one of the greatest athletes to ever walk on it. His ability to raise & set the bar high and his willingness to take on any challenge no matter how impossible it may have seemed pulled on my heart strings throughout the series. I've always known MJ was a legend which was mainly based off of hearsay but watching The Last Dance has shed light on the successful career he had as a basketball player.

Watching his journey has inspired me to go hard and focus on being present in all I do despite what I've achieved or haven't in the past. Especially during this lockdown when we’re all facing uncertain times and may be wondering what the future holds for us. My word of encouragement to you would be that as we overcome what may seem like some weird times, is to remain focused and stick to YOUR plan whatever that may be - like MJ has shown us, don't let the bad times stop you from coming back on the other side stronger than ever. Discover your path and do all you can to stay on it and be sure to set the bar high for yourself but please don’t stop till you reach it, because what you do now in this present time could last a lifetime and it will be more than a viral moment.

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