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To drive awareness for a new Sky Original movie called AISHA. Aisha is a young Nigerian woman played by Letitia Wright who is seeking asylum in Ireland but ends up floundering in a maze of social services and bureaucracy.

We were approached by Sky to deliver an intimate luncheon with the film's star Letitia Wright, director Frank Berry and key journalists and Film & TV critics.



Our approach was to create an afternoon of honest reflection and insight into the harsh realities of asylum seekers in the UK. AISHA depicts the true struggles and very prominent stereotypes that the public often have towards asylum seekers.


Introducing the theme "best of both worlds" we aimed to communicate how the life of an immigrant / asylum seeker is portrayed through the love & pride of their heritage. It will also explored how they can appreciate their new home whilst keeping the traditions of their hometown.

We therefore created an intimate atmosphere of tastemakers and influential guests to open up their thoughts on what part they can play to create a society of acceptance and how they can support. We produced an event at AKOKO; a fine dining West African restaurant made with British produce that consisted of a panel Q&A, a live poetry performance by Theresa Lola, a poetry takeaway booth all complimented by a 8 course meal.

Journalists / Film & TV critics included representatives from Grazia Daily, Glamour, The BFI, The Guardian, BBC Radio 1 and British Vogue. Tastemakers included the likes of Yomi Adegoke, Ore Abiona, Bola Agbaje, Nicolas Tyrell & Bisi Akins to name a few.




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